Urban Design + Reviews - Municipal  Standards 

Mixed-Use  Residential

509 Clarke Road, Coquitlam

Project Type 

Transit Oriented Development

 Burquitlam SkyTrain Station


John Gilmour,

VP, Marketing + Development 

Magusta Development


Urban Design Project Consultant 

Urban design review for pedestrian oriented retail streetscape in the Burquitlam Transit Oriented Development Area.

Results included:

-As much continuous retail space facing Clarke Road as possible

-As close to 25'  wide storefronts as possible

-Ensuring programmable outdoor space relating to the CRU wrt to doors and windows at both ends 

-CRU signage strategy + design for maximum retail brand recognition

Civic Plaza + City Library + Vista Commons

City of North Vancouver 

Project Type

CNV Civic Plaza, City Library +

Vista Commons, Land Trade + Density Bonus


Urban Design Project Lead  

City of North Vancouver 


Staff Urban Design Project Lead + Public Space Programmer:

Civic Plaza + City Library + Vista Commons 

Supervised consultants, lead the public space programming with in-house interdepartmental  consultations.


Civic Plaza + City Library results included:

-Urban design review + public space programming for the proposed Civic Plaza.

-Urban design review of the proposed City Library

-Relocation of the City Library to Civic Plaza to add vibrancy + dialogue with the City Hall Entrance

-Bring up the Children's Library from the basement

-Insertion of a cafe space to animate the City Library building edge to create people vibrancy

-Inclusion of a continuous water feature to connect with existing fountain 

-Creation of a continuous promenade 

-Inclusion of benches with backs facing both the City Library + water feature as gathering space for seniors, mothers + kids.

-Inclusion of  shade trees as added human creature comforts

-Location of City Hall entry for maximum building edge programming for the Civic Plaza 

Vista Commons results included:

-Green space transition between CNV City Hall(civic) + Vista Condos (private) 

-Addressing north facing park with hard pavers around grass to minimize mud

-Small space layered programming w/ three fountains, benches + coffee tables + planting

17th + Lonsdale Loblaws City Market, North Vancouver 

Project Type

Urban Design Review

Mixed Use Residential TOD


Urban Designer/Development Planner 

City of North Vancouver 


Staff Urban Designer + Public Space Programmer:

Loblaws City Market Corner As Second Civic Plaza

Conducted an urban design review for the 17th & Lonsdale project to ensure that the project continued + enhanced unique Lonsdale Avenue Retail Corridor + 17th Street. Supervised consultants.


Loblaws City Market results included:

-The inclusion of 25'-30' wide storefronts along Lonsdale Avenue

-Small, layered space design for the forecourt of 17th + Lonsdale to include spiral seating + ground patterns and planting as defining borders

-Inclusion of raised patio space adjacent to forecourt, setting the scene for some sort of outdoor dining

-Addition of a CRU along 17th Street for building edge programming to help ensure people vibrancy 

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