Covid Recovery + Sustainable Development Planning 

Covid Recovery + Economic Equity + Density with Amenities 

A Covid Recovery is an opportunity to re-conceive neighbourhoods as economic hubs, with new supporting amenities for home offices as well as fostering new local economic clusters. Rethinking cities, reconfigured "densities with amenities", re-designed public realms along pedestrian oriented streetscapes will support the repatriating some of the economic activity to cities/regions. Economic inequity is a statistically significant indicator of pandemic spread.

The Covid-induced catalyst  to rethink cities has presented with a very small but powerful window for change through the inadvertent demonstration project where families are biking, with others walking on roadways, re-using the streets as community spaces to connect rather than as car-only lanes.  This neighbourhood based possibility for economic equity and social connectedness could enhance social resiliency through difficult times, essential for civil society vibrancy and business certainty.  There have been significant drops in GHG emissions with so many working from home; the post-Covid city may very well be the climate change friendly city.

City living and neighbourhood-based higher densities with public amenities is the solution to both pandemic health + safety, social resiliency, economic equity and climate friendly cities.  The current close-to-home focus could be a profoundly transformative opportunity  in cities/regions, impacting office space demand, multifamily/ mixed-use housing demand and use programming, impacting  the viability of small businesses + public transportation. Cityscape Design Inc. provides policy options, insight, scenario mapping , city scaled economic development expertise with its consulting partners  along with the appropriate place making urban design marketing package reflecting the community's authentic values. 


Rezoning Strategies 

Cityscape Design Inc. provides sustainable development planning  expertise  to the development industry, to meet/exceed municipal + community expectations for a more time efficient, successful rezoning  process. Strategically, it would be based on the municipal planning touch stones of  smart growth planning principles and pedestrian oriented urban design strategies, which includes "sense of place" + community identity.


Integrated Livability 

Cityscape Design Inc. provides municipalities with an integrated, strategic sustainable development planning approach based on the 10 principles of smart growth, affordability, vibrancy, equity, walkable, people scaled urban design as well as climate friendly policy implementation scenario mapping. Associated  community engagement and capacity building is also available.

Municipal Policy

Cityscape Design Inc. provides municipalities with policy frameworks around integrated livability, including walkability, micromobility, curbside management, affordable housing + equity, public spaces + social resiliency,  smart tech + democracy and economic equity + cities.

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