Sustainable Development Planning 

Rezoning Strategies 

Cityscape Design Inc. provides sustainable development planning  expertise  to the development industry, to meet municipal expectations, as well strategic advice on rezoning potential and community analysis. The Principal has a proven track record as a municipal planning and community "whisperer" as an award winning former municipal urban designer/development planner with a 99% rezoning success rate at Public Hearing in the region's second most sustainable municipality.



The firm provides municipalities with an integrated, strategic sustainable development planning approach based on the 10 principles of smart growth, as the  Principal is the former Founding Executive Director of the Smart Growth Canada Network.

Cityscape Design Inc. provides municipalities with policy frameworks around integrated livability, including walkability, micromobility, curbside management, affordable housing + equity, public spaces + social resiliency,  smart tech + democracy and economic equity + cities.

Integrated Livability 

Municipal Policy

+ Post-Covid Recovery  +  Economic Equity  Climate Friendly Cities   Walkability + Vibrancy + Social Media vs Place Based Social Connectedness + Affordable Housing +  Equity Public Spaces + Social Resiliency + Micromobility + Curbside Management + Autonomous Vehicles + Data Collection + Privacy Smart Tech + Democracy + Public Capacity Building + Process + Happiness

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