Economics, urban planning, ecology are only the means.

Happiness is the goal.

Enrique Penalosa, Mayor of Bogota, Colombia,Created BRT Trans Milenio Mass Transit That Works Like Subways



   + Small Space Design

      Urban Infill, Small House Competition

        +Kerrisdale, Vancouver 

       Western Avenue, North Vancouver 

       + Project Designer /Urban Design Sub-Consultant 

       + 18 Unit Townhouse + Market Affordable

         Rental  8 Lock-Off Units


 + Preliminary Design

    Deep Cove, North Vancouver

     + Project Pedestrian Oriented Streetscape Sub-


       +Mixed Use Retail

     + Zoning Envelope Calculations

     + Buildable FSR + Preliminary Design


  + Small Developer 

      Ellesmere Avenue, Burnaby

        + General Contractor/Interior Designer 

       +  Purchase & renovation of two bedroom unit



  + Cottage /Resort Design

       Southern British Columbia,

        Lifestyle Eco-Pocket Neighborhood 

        Preliminary Feasibility + Master Plan Study

        + Prime Consultant/ Urban Design + Designer

        + 11 Acres

        + Market + Non-Market Seniors Housing

        + Strata Downsize "Luxury" Cottages

        + Amenity Space

        + Xeriscape

        + Alternative Development Standards      

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