"It is not the strongest of the species that survive,

nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

Charles Darwin

   + Small Space Design 

18 Unit Garden Apartment Townhouse 

2358 Western Avenue,

City of North Vancouver  

Project Type 

Architectural Design Sub-Consultant + Urban Planner 


Farzin Yadegari Architect

Urban Infill,

Small House Competition,

4 Units w/Courtyard


Project Type 

Competition - 4 units w/courtyard on typical single family lot in Kerrisdale

Project Details

Lot: 60' x 120'

Units: 4

Flex Size: 2 bed with expansion w/dormers

Style: Contextual craftsmen w/ variations on exterior siding materials x 4  

   + Preliminary Design 

Mixed-Use Residential 

4311 Gallant Ave,  (Deep Cove)

North Vancouver

Project Type 

Urban Designer + Retail Design

Prelim Zoning Envelope Design


Hesam Heihimi,

Managing Director,Milori Homes


   + General Contractor


Small Developer/General Contractor 

Ellesmere Avenue, Burnaby

Project Type 

Interior Designer/General Contractor

Project Details

Housing Type: Condo

Size: 2 bed, 2 bath

Reno Updates: Complete replacement of 2 baths + kitchen, flooring, lighting and new colour scheme

   + Cottage/Resort Design 

Off-Grid Eco-Pocket Neighbourhood,

Fraser Valley

Project Type

Lead Architectural + Urban Designer

24 Unit Seniors Rental Housing Subsidized by Live/Work Strata Cottages:

Master Plan + Feasibility Study