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Public Process 

Development  Rezoning Process

Cityscape Design Inc. provides a  full service, proven track record for municipal process expertise  to the development industry, from a site rezoning potential assessment + pre-application to the Public Hearing. For  rezoning  process clarity, single point communications  with municipal planning staff is also available. 


Municipal Community Consultation 

Cityscape Design Inc. provides design based, visually enhanced , strategic community consultation processes to municipalities for Area Plan and OCP reviews based on the 10 principles of smart growth. Pedestrian scaled urban design is one of the most effective but underutilized tools for  creating community consensus for proposed changes, including climate friendly and post-covid-19 recovery initiatives.

Design Charrettes

With certification in Charrette Planning and Facilitation (National Charrette Institute), Cityscape Design Inc.  offers charrette  planning and facilitation for collaborative, design based problem solving of complex  neighbourhood issues, including visioning for post-covid-19 recovery and climate friendly cities .  

Community Capacity Building in Sustainable Cities 

Cityscape Design Inc. offers comprehensive community capacity building workshops in Walkable + Affordable + Vibrant + Equitable Cities to progressive municipalities before a crisis, before change is contemplated. More informed citizens are more likely to positively participate in dialogue on complex city building issues.

+ Post-Covid Recovery  +  Economic Equity  Climate Friendly Cities   Walkability + Vibrancy + Social Media vs Place Based Social Connectedness + Affordable Housing +  Equity Public Spaces + Social Resiliency + Micromobility + Curbside Management + Autonomous Vehicles + Data Collection + Privacy Smart Tech + Democracy + Public Capacity Building + Process + Happiness