+ Rezoning + Development


      Western Avenue, North Vancouver   

      + Project Planning Sub-Consultant 

      + 18 Unit Town House +  Market Affordable 

          Rental 8 Lock-Off Units 


  + Affordable Housing


     RAIC + MOV Built City Speaker Series

     "A Deeper Dive into  Family Friendly 

       Affordable Housing-A Workshop with Experts"

      Gordon Price Keynote Speaker 

     Gloria Venczel, MRAIC, MCIP ,Thought Leader

     City of North Vancouver 

     + Staff Lead Planner/Urban Designer

     + Central Lonsdale  Planning Study - Density

        Bonusing for Rental Housing 


  + City Building Policy

       RAIC + CNV Built City Speaker Series

       "The Best High Street Design-Future Proofing

        for Vibrancy + Technology"

       Gloria Venczel, MRAIC, MCIP ,

       RAIC Thought Leader