Central Lonsdale Planning Study

City of North Vancouver 

Project Type

Master Planning + Density Bonusing for Rental Housing Policy + Feasibility Study


Urban Design + Planning  Project Lead  

City of North Vancouver 


Urban Planning Policy Project Lead

Central Lonsdale Planning Study was an urban design/master planning feasibility study, working with in-house expertise on proformas, land value for density bonusing for cost-free non-market + market rental housing construction, demographic + housing stats. Developed massing, floor plate and urban design scenarios on where to locate the density within the study boundaries of  23rd Street down to 8th Street  +St. Georges Ave to Chesterfield Ave. 8 month process.

Results included:

-Capacity building for 12 member Council Appointed Steering Committee on planning tools + concepts on zoning wrt Official Community Plan, social diversity, the need for housing verity + affordability, what density bonusing is, snap shot of current housing stock + future projections, principles of pedestrian oriented streetscape design + retail success, parking reductions, TOD etc..

-Steering Committee returned a near unanimous recommendation to Council on density + building form.

-Public realm + open space planning for amenity  hubs along Lonsdale Avenue as Ceremonial Gateways, Destination Greenways/Playspace, Seniors Gathering + Outdoor Brown Bag, Transportation/Multi-modal + Info, Office + Outdoor Brown Bag 

-Side Street + Laneway amenity + character programming for residential streets, greenways, bikeways and transportation  

Community/Professional Forum for Dialogue + Capacity Building on Curbside Management  

 Project Type 

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada , MetroVan's

Built City Speaker Series 


Thought Leader


Thought Leader,

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada,

MetroVan's + City of North Vancouver's 

Built City Speaker Series       


"The Best High Street Design-Future Proofing for Vibrancy + Technology"


Walkable, affordable and vibrant city building hard questions asked:

1. Urban ingredients for vibrant streetscapes?

2. Why are small businesses closing? Solutions?

3. What does small business + public spaces + climate change have to do with social resiliency?

4. How do we integrate micromobility, autonomous vehicles into vibrant high streets with outdoor      public living rooms? Curbside management? 

5. Who owns & stores personal data from sensor infrastructure, aka, smart cities, collected from publicly owned lands? Rule of Law? 

+ Post-Covid Recovery  +  Economic Equity  Climate Friendly Cities   Walkability + Vibrancy + Social Media vs Place Based Social Connectedness + Affordable Housing +  Equity Public Spaces + Social Resiliency + Micromobility + Curbside Management + Autonomous Vehicles + Data Collection + Privacy Smart Tech + Democracy + Public Capacity Building + Process + Happiness

City Building Policy