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Cityscape Design Inc.

The Consultancy

Cityscape Design Inc.  is a cutting edge consultancy with a proven track record in vibrant place making, municipal rezoning processes + negotiations, pedestrian oriented urban design + economically viable commercial streetscapes, equity + public spaces, curbside management,micromobility, affordable housing,  Cities Executive Coaching, community capacity building in sustainable cities as well as renewing area plans and conducting OCP reviews.  Cityscape Design Inc. also provides  post-covid recovery planning + design around city scaled economic equity, social resiliency in the built environment, married with  climate friendly cities strategies.


Empowered cities, neighbourhoods and citizens with enhanced capacity to build up social, economic and environmental equity + resiliency.


Cityscape Design Inc. is dedicated to the public good  and sustainability principles  in rethinking cities in the context of a covid recovery + economic equity + climate crisis  through capacity building and  implementation oriented consulting.


Public Good + Collaborative + Capacity Building + Innovative + Inclusive Process + Sustainability 

Consultancy Characteristics

Design Thinking Problem Solving + Rigorous + Analytical + Nimble + Change Agents + Sense of Humour + Life Long Learners + People Persons + Big Picture Thinkers & Detailed Implementers + Grounded Professionals

Memberships + Affiliations 


+ Post-Covid Recovery  +  Economic Equity  Climate Friendly Cities   Walkability + Vibrancy + Social Media vs Place Based Social Connectedness + Affordable Housing +  Equity Public Spaces + Social Resiliency + Micromobility + Curbside Management + Autonomous Vehicles + Data Collection + Privacy Smart Tech + Democracy + Public Capacity Building + Process + Happiness +