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Emerging City Builders Coaching

 Municipal Process 

Elected Officials

Dedicated elected officials, from the municipal to the federal scope of responsibilities, are now aware of the pivotal role of cities in Canada's economic vibrancy and global competitiveness. Livable, pedestrian friendly public realm + retail, affordable, compact, mixed use, complete communities  and sense of place not only provide for more social resiliency + certainty in the time of climate change + covid -19, but also a more robust, cost effective, business-ready infrastructure for the 21st century's knowledge economy. 

Cityscape Design Inc. provides strategic insight + policy options for city-scale economic equity, climate friendly solutions and social resiliency, with inequity being a statistically significant indicator of pandemic spread. This includes community engagement scenario mapping for obtaining "social license" for change.

Cityscape Design Inc. also offers urban design assessment coaching + tools for elected municipal officials  reviewing development proposals at Public Hearings on  walkability + livability + social connectedness.

Non-Design Professionals

Cityscape Design Inc.offers urban planners, transportation planners, engineers, nonprofit housing developer and other community leaders, through individual or small group workshops, key pedestrian oriented urban design tools and strategies to seamlessly integrate new projects into a neighbourhood fabric, including scenario mapping for obtaining "social license" for density and change.

References available.

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