Cultures and climates differ all over the world, but people are the same.

They’ll gather in public if you give them a good place to do it.

Jan Gehl, Danish Architect + Urban Designer, Author Life Between Buildings, Using Public Space 

  + Architectural Building Edge


    Magusta Developments, Coquitlam

     + Project Retail/Urban Design  Consultant  

     + Mixed Use  TOD, Pedestrian Oriented            


    Milori Homes, Deep Cove, North Vancouver 

     + Project Urban Design Sub-Consultant 

     +Pedestrian Retail Streetscape Study



   + Architectural Building Edge


      12th Street + Lonsdale, North Vancouver 

      + Project Pedestrian  Oriented Retail/Urban

         Design Sub-Consultant

       + Retail/Office project


   + Public Realm + Open Space 



       City of North Vancouver, Loblaws City 

         Market Corner +  Vista   Commons

         + Staff Urban Designer

         + Urban Design Review Sketches       


 + Public Realm + Open Space


       City of North Vancouver  Civic Plaza

       Staff Urban Designer

        + Civic Plaza Programming +  Review:

           - Design for social gathering 

           - Two-Way  Benches w/Backs

           - Water Feature Continuity

           - Trees for Shade

           - Cafe for Building Edge/ Plaza Vibrancy 





      City of North Vancouver, 

        Central Lonsdale Planning  Study,

        Density Bonusing for Rental Housing 

       +  Staff Urban Designer/Lead Planner

         +  Public Realm + Open Space Planning  Side              Streets + Laneways