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“The creative individual is no longer viewed

as an iconoclast. He—or she—is the new mainstream.”

Richard Florida, Urbanist, Economist,

Author of The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited

Gloria Venczel, BES, B.Arch., MRAIC, RPP, MCIP
Urban Designer/Principal,
Cityscape Design Inc.

Gloria Venczel, BES., B.Arch., MRAIC, RPP, MCIP is an award winning urban designer/planner and principal of Cityscape Design Inc. Gloria  had worked in traditional architectural practice for a decade before embracing livable city planning and pedestrian oriented urban design. Gloria is a registered professional planner and a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.
In addition to working with a cross section of client groups as principal of Cityscape Design Inc., Gloria has been the Thought Leader and Organizer for the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's  sold out  "Built City Speaker Series" for the past three years, creating a strategic vision for the Series and providing a public forum with experts to re-think livability in the MetroVancouver region in this time climate change. 
Gloria has extensive experience in municipal process and amenity contribution negotiations. Gloria was the Urban Designer/Development Planner for the City of North Vancouver(CNV). As Project Manager for rezoning files from wood frame multi-family housing, industrial/ commercial projects to mixed use, high-rise residential/commercial, she had a 99% success rate at Public Hearing. She also oversaw the Advisory Design Panel. 
While at CNV, she also conducted urban design reviews, negotiating for architectural consistency and for pedestrian friendly streetscapes, for all rezoning applications. She supervised & developed  the urban design programming for award winning  Civic Plaza + Vista Commons. She was instrumental in reshaping the  new City Library, bringing it into the Civic Plaza, opposite to the new wing of City Hall to energize the public space with two main civic building entries, as well as insisting on a cafe in the library to provide additional vibrancy and building edge programming.
She designed a robust streetscape plan for Central Lonsdale as part of the Central Lonsdale Planning Study (CLPS), including a public realm and open space plan for ceremonial gateways, information nodes/transit, civic festivals, family brown bag outdoor eating spaces  as well as destination green spaces. She also developed new concept back lane vibrancy programming and character studies for side streets for residential, greenways, bikeways and transit. This master plan was part of a density bonusing for rental housing  feasibility study that she was conducting as the senior planner. 
Gloria was a sustainability leader in the NGO sector as the Founding Executive Director of the  Smart Growth Canada Network, where she convened national NGOs to address climate change and livable cities and had created cutting edge e-courses with senior smart growth researchers through NRCan + REFBC funding.  
Gloria is a natural mentor & communicator and  has taught architectural + urban design as an Instructor, former Royal Oak College, Vancouver.  
Always looking for opportunities for creating excellence, she was the Thought Leader/Organizing Co-Chair for the Congress for the New Urbanism-Cascadia Chapter’s Vancouver Summit 2015  called “The Business of NorthWest New Urbanism + Bridging Sustainability & Aboriginal Values”. Realizing that great urban design skills alone cannot effect the kind of change necessary for social resiliency in the time of climate change, she  brought together decision makers in livable city building, including developers, the health care sector, aboriginal communities, municipal planning directors and councillors as well the outstanding Cascadia regional urban design professional brain trust to start up the cross sector dialogue and cross pollination of ideas.   
As an Intern Architect, she was one of the founding members of the AIBC’s Architects in the Community Program. She was a sustainable city building innovator right out of architecture school. 
Gloria was recognized by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada for the 2013 Volunteer Recognition Award and  won an Planning Institute of BC award  for Comprehensive + Policy Plans 2003, "The Visual Enhancement of the New Westminster Zoning Bylaw".