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"The single biggest problem in communication

is the illusion that it has taken place.”

William H. Whyte, Author The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

RAIC + CNV Built City Speaker Series

+ Spacing Magazine 

    -"RAIC MetroVancouver-Built City

         Speaker Series" May 20, 2019 

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CNU-C Vancouver Summit

 + Planning West-PIBC Journal

    -  Thought Leader + Organizing Co-Chair

    -  "The Business of Northwest New Urbanism +

         Bridging Sustainability &  Aboriginal Values "

        Congress for New Urbanism-Cascadia

        Chapter  -Vancouver Summit 2015-         

Visual Enhancement of Zoning Bylaws

 + Planning Commissioners


     - Project Lead, Principal of Urbanitas

        Consulting Inc., PIBC Award

      - Visually Enhanced Zoning Bylaws for the

        City of New Westminster 

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