Congress for the New Urbanism-Cascadia Chapter Vancouver Summit 2015 

"The Business of Northwest New Urbanism + Bridging Sustainability & Aboriginal Values" 


CNU-C Founding Board Member, Vancouver Summit 2015 

Organizing Co-Chair,

Gloria Venczel,

Principal/ Urban Designer    Cityscape Design Inc. 

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CNU-C Vancouver Summit 2015 

Development Industry Co-Chair,

John Gilmour,

VP, Marketing + Development,

Magusta Development 

Robert Fung.jpg

Robert Fung, Salient Group, Keynote Speaker,

CNU-Cascadia Vancouver Summit 2015

 Bill Reid Gallery

CNU-Cascadia-The Business of Northwest N

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Volunteer Dinner, (left front) Developer Co-Chair, 

John Gilmour, VP Marketing + Development, Magusta 

CNU-Cascadia Vancouver Summit 2015

+ Post-Covid Recovery  +  Economic Equity +  Climate Friendly Cities +   Walkability + Vibrancy + Social Media vs Place Based Social Connectedness + Affordable Housing +  Equity Public Spaces + Social Resiliency + Micromobility + Curbside Management + Autonomous Vehicles + Data Collection + Privacy + Smart Tech + Democracy + Public Capacity Building + Process + Happiness